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Here it is. The culmination of 10 years of innovation. SG Project Unity is the flagship of the SG app suite and we are proud to introduce it first on the amazing Mac platform. Refined design, support for dark and light mode, all new iconography and typography, redesigned to be at home on the newest Macs, and even built specifically for Apple Silicon. Unity also offers you a free 10-day, full-feature trial followed by a choice of monthly or annual subscription, or a one-time Unity Forever purchase option.

Unity provides a complete project management solution including task-based planning with both timeline and WBS chart-style views, management of issues, risks, action items, assumptions, and costs, as well as powerful and beautiful reporting. It excels at managing multiple concurrent projects and team members in ways that no other project management app does. Download your free trial on the Mac App Store and experience it for yourself!

As a project manager you can make better decisions by understanding the context of everything that happens. SG Project Unity's unique Overview gives you at-a-glance insight into the status of all your projects and people, anywhere, any time. You feel more in control and can focus your valuable time on what is most important.

The Big Picture

The most powerful tool in project management is a task-based project schedule. Build, track, and maintain a plan for each of your projects. Assign owners, update percent complete, and enter notes for each task. SG Project Unity supports all task link types (FS, FF, SS, SF) to model any plan. You can even set a baseline schedule to see how your current status compares, and why the project is ahead or behind.

The Detailed Plan

As a project manager you know that success requires much more than a great task plan. There are Issues, Risks, Action Items, and Assumptions to manage. We call SG Project Unity Full-Spectrum Project Management because it integrates all these aspects into one app. In fact it is the only app that does so. All these items are managed in one Action List that can be quickly sorted, filtered, and updated. The Action List and Task Plan together provide the full spectrum you need to be in control.

The Full Spectrum
On The Same Page

Your Task Plans and Action Lists are powerful tools, but that power multiplies when you get the right information to the right people. SG Project Unity elevates Reports to a first-class tool, letting you create and save named reports that are customized with dozens of options. Report by project, multiple projects, person, or multiple people. Create one report for your team, one for a vendor, one for your stakeholders, and one for your boss. Each person gets exactly what they need, and everyone is on the same page.

Unity is the first SG app to integrate two separate views of your project task plan. You can now build, view, and manage your project tasks interchangeably between the traditional timeline or a work breakdown structure chart. Edits in both places appear on the other, and your reports can include either or both. Studying your task plan through different lenses is a powerful way to understand the status and find gaps in the plan.

Look At It Differently
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