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SG Sync is a built-in feature of all current SG apps on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

It provides a one-tap/click solution for backing up and sharing project files using cloud storage. It requires a Dropbox account. It is a great solution for making sure you (and the team if you share) always have the latest project information on all your devices.

Configure SG Sync with your Dropbox account information, and then tap or click Sync Now. SG Sync performs these steps for each Project, Report, or Organization:


  1. Export and Upload any items that are not yet stored remotely

  2. Download and Import any items that are not yet stored locally

  3. Export and Upload any items that have changed locally since your last sync

  4. Download and Import items that have changed remotely since your last sync

  5. If an item has changed in both places, you will be prompted to choose one


To minimize clashes, particularly when sharing with others, always follow this pattern: Tap Sync Now, Make changes, Tap Sync Now again.

Each project, report, and organization has a setting for whether or not to participate in sync, so you can choose which items stay local and which ones get shared.


Walk me through a typical scenario.

Sitting at your iMac you make changes to a project in SG Project Unity, but then have to leave for a meeting. Click the Sync Now button before walking out the door. On your way to the meeting, open SG Project Pro 5 on your iPad and tap Sync Now. Within a few seconds your latest changes are on your iPad. In fact, others at the meeting can tap Sync Now and also pick up your changes.

Then make changes to the project on your iPad during the meeting to add status updates, and tap Sync Now on your iPad to push those changes back to the cloud. Back at your desk, tap Sync Now to bring your iMac up to date.


Later at dinner you get a call regarding a project, so you open SG Project Go on your iPhone and tap Sync Now to get all the latest updates, and even send a PDF of the project right from your phone.


Why don't my people sync?

SG Sync only syncs people who are assigned to tasks or action list items in a project that gets sync'd. If you want to force a sync of all your people, one trick is to create a special task in a project and assign EVERYONE to that task (in the task detail view), then sync that project.

Will SG Sync work between SG Project Unity and SG Project OnePage?

This is an important question. Both apps support SG Sync but OnePage stores the project data in a separate cloud folder called "SG OnePage Sync" rather than "SG Sync" like the rest of the SG apps.


This allows you to sync projects between OnePage for Mac and OnePage for iPad. However SG Sync will not sync projects between OnePage and the other SG apps. This is necessary because OnePage has different project data requirements (most importantly, 12 tasks).


One option for using OnePage is to not add SG Sync, but to use the standard Dropbox integration to download project files from the SG Sync folder on Dropbox. In that scenario, OnePage will prompt you to select which 12 tasks to import.


SG Sync is still useful on OnePage, either between Mac and iPad or just for quick backup. And it can be used in parallel with SG Sync in the other SG apps, without conflicting project files.


Do I need to use SG Sync?

It is convenient to use SG Sync with all your SG apps, but not at all required. For one thing it can be used simply as a convenient back up for the app that you use most often.

This question raises another important point. SG Sync saves your projects to the cloud in SGP format, typically in a folder called "SG Sync". So you can use the standard Dropbox integration to access the SGP files in your SG Sync folder to download and import them.


Does SG Sync merge changes made by multiple people?

No, it doesn't. SG Sync uploads projects you have changed locally since your last sync, and downloads new or changed projects from the cloud since your last sync. If a project has changed both locally and in the cloud since your last sync, you will be prompted whether to keep the local or remote copy. Or a third option to skip that project until you can talk to your colleagues and decide which copy to keep. SG Sync tells you who made the other change, such as "Carl changed the project from his iPad" so that you know to discuss it with Carl.


Why doesn't SG just use iCloud?

iCloud is designed to share data across your personal devices. SG Sync does that but is also designed to let you to share data with others on your team.

Also, the SG vision extends beyond Apple products and it is important that SG have on a sync mechanism that can span platforms.

Can I change the location of the SG Sync folder?

SG Sync always uses a folder called "SG Sync" in the root of your Dropbox. We may make that configurable in the future. If that is important to you, please let us know.


SG Sync says someone else is performing a sync right now but I know that no one is.

You have 2 options: wait 5 minutes and try again, or go into your cloud server folder and delete the "ActiveSync" file, then try again. The ActiveSync file is a temporary marker to protect against concurrent syncing from multiple people or devices.

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