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SG People is an Org Chart builder to help you organize and understand your team. It is NOT a simple drawing or painting tool, it is a serious data-driven people management foundation. SG People uses a traditional top-down hierarchy to describe each organization. You will find it quick and easy to create multiple overlapping organizations or experiment with reorganization ideas, safely on your Mac.

As a manager you are probably not focused on graphic design and let’s face it, most org charts are just plain ugly. But you can make and share beautiful org charts quickly and easily with SG People. Maintaining and sharing an accurate and current org chart is a key business function and often harder than it should be. SG People makes it easy and even fun for you. Drag and drop positions or even whole departments. Use the view options to fit your org nicely on the screen and page. Zoom in/out and pan with click-and-drag. Photos are completely optional.

Easy Beautiful

Most “org chart” apps are merely specialized drawing apps. Not so with SG People. It separates Organizations, Positions, and People. That key distinction allows you to keep important information about your people in one place, and assign them to one or more positions even across multiple organizations. This is helpful for matrix organizations, or when you need to build a Tiger Team, or a short-term team for a special event.

Your People

Keeping your team up-to-date with the latest org changes helps communication and efficiency. Right from within the SG People, email an updated org chart to your team whenever it changes. Org Charts can be emailed as PDF file attachments that can be read by anyone on any platform, even if they don’t have SG People. Or use the built-in Dropbox integration to backup or share files. There is even a CSV export to take your data into a spreadsheet.

Share Your Creation
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