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SG Project OnePage helps you express the status of any project, no matter the size, on a single page or screen. This unique tool in the SG project management toolbox excels at helping you see the big picture and share it with stakeholders. Executives appreciate the single page design. In fact this app was inspired by repeated demand from senior managers for simple, clear status reporting.

Don’t let the single-pagedness of OnePage fool you into thinking it is simple. It is a powerful tool, densely packed with information in a carefully designed format that works for any project. The fields are purposefully designed to be compact and when filled out thoughtfully they present a clear and accurate status picture. If your audience needs more precise detail, maintain a full plan in SG Project Unity and have that report in your back pocket.

Deceptively Powerful

OnePage uses a very specific format that is carefully crafted to fit on one page and work for a wide variety of projects. OnePage 5 introduced options to make it more flexible, including the ability to include/exclude the Owner and Cost columns, giving more space to the Task Name column. Also, the date ranges are more flexible and range from one day per column to two years per column, with 20 total options to fit your project nicely on the page.

Configure Your Way

As with all the SG apps, with OnePage you can quickly send a report to anyone right from within the app. The resulting PDF file attachment can be read by anyone on any platform. Or use SG's Dropbox integration to quickly back up and share files with OnePage on your iPad, available on the iTunes App Store. SG Project OnePage imports and exports projects in SGP format so you can share projects with SG Project Pro or any other SG app.

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