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SG Project Sketcher is designed for rapid project sketching in the early stages of a project. Use a text outline in combination with a graphical WBS-style chart to build your project structure. Sketcher is also great for creating project quotes, and can be used for a variety of other project artifacts. Plus the design on iOS is light, beautiful, and simply fun to use.

Pictures are very helpful for explaining complex projects to others, and more importantly to yourself. Sketching the structure of your projects in Sketcher’s chart view is easy and fun. Build the structure and breakdown using colors and groupings to any depth. Drag and drop elements or whole subtrees. Use the view options to fit your plan nicely on the screen and page. Zoom in/out and pan with pinch and swipe gestures, just like you would expect.

A Thousand Words

Use Sketcher’s Outline view to see and edit your projects in an indented list form. Use drag and drop to reorder elements or subtrees as you break your project down into understandable pieces. Enter Labor and Materials costs if that is important to your project, and Sketcher will automatically roll the costs up the element hierarchy.

Break Down, Roll Up

Right from your iPad, wherever you are, quickly email an updated report or SG data file to anyone. Sketcher has options for sharing the chart view, outline view, or both, plus other formatting options. Projects are emailed as PDF file attachments that can be read by anyone on any platform. Or use SG's Dropbox integration to quickly back up and share files. When your project is ready to move forward, take it into SG Project Pro to begin adding more details, dates, assigning people, and managing the project to success.

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