SG Sync

SG Sync is a built-in feature of all current SG apps on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. SG Sync is not yet available for the Windows Store version.

SG Sync provides a one-tap/click solution for backing up and sharing project files using cloud storage. It requires a Dropbox account. It is a great solution for making sure you (and the team if you share) always have the latest project information on all your devices.

Configure SG Sync with your Dropbox account information, and then tap or click Sync Now. SG Sync performs these steps for each Project, Report, or Organization:

  1. Export and Upload any items that are not yet stored remotely
  2. Download and Import any items that are not yet stored locally
  3. Export and Upload any items that have changed locally since your last sync
  4. Download and Import items that have changed remotely since your last sync
  5. If an item has changed in both places, you will be prompted to choose one

To minimize clashes, particularly when sharing with others, always follow this pattern: Tap Sync Now, Make changes, Tap Sync Now again.

Each project, report, and organization has a setting for whether or not to participate in sync, so you can choose which items stay local and which ones get shared.

We encourage you to read the SG Sync FAQ for more information before purchasing SG Sync. Happy Syncing!

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