SG Project 5 Support (Windows Store Version)

There are a few ways to get help with SG Project. One is to post a question on the Simple Genius Facebook Page, which we monitor daily along with hundreds of other SG Project experts. Another support option is to email us. There is no User Guide but we are happy to answer any questions you have and the most common ones are answered below. We also plan to post videos as well so check back for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SG run on Windows 10?

Yes!  The SG apps for Windows run on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Is there a version for Windows 7?

No.  The SG apps for Windows are available only for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Is SG Project for Windows enabled for touch devices like Microsoft Surface?

Yes, absolutely. It was designed from the ground up specifically for the Windows Store and works with 100% touch interaction, 100% keyboard-and-mouse, or any combination. It is equally at home on a tablet, laptop, or desktop with or without a touch screen.

How does SG Project for Windows compare to SG Project on other platforms?

For the most part the features of SG Project 5 on all platforms are identical.  One exception is that on Windows we are not able to send emails with attachments directly from the app due to system limitations.

Can SG Project import files from Microsoft Project?

The SG apps do not yet import or export in Microsoft Project's native "mpp" format. But they do import and export in the Microsoft Project XML format. So in Microsoft Project, on the Save As… dialog you can to select Format = XML, and SG can import the resulting file. And you can go the other direction too.

There are some limits because SG does not handle all the features of Microsoft Project but if you stay within those limits it works fine. For example SG currently only handles Finish-to-Start dependencies.  There are a few other limits too, but for most plans it works fine.

Can SG Project for Windows share project files with SG Project on other platforms?

Yes. All SG apps on all platforms import and export projects in the same SGP and XML formats. With SG Project for Windows you can use the Share Charm to email a project file from the main Project page, or use the Export button to save a copy.

Is SG Project Pro available on the Windows Store?

Yes, as of August 2015!  There is no in-app upgrade from one app to the other on Windows at this time.

Why do my task links not pull back successor tasks when I move the predecessor?

There are two types of dependency links between tasks: locked and unlocked. The ones you are seeing by default are unlocked. You can tell because they draw as dashed lines. Unlocked links behave as you are seeing - the predecessor can be pushed out into the future, but won't be pulled back if the successor ends earlier. The only constraint is that the predecessor can't start before the end of the successor.

What you want are "locked" links. Those force the predecessor to start immediately after the successor no matter what (unless a lag time is specified). Locked links draw as solid lines.

Tap or click on the Predecessors field, then tap the gear icon along the right side of the predecessor. Flip the Lock switch to lock the link. If you do that, you will see your predecessors snap back in time and from that point on they will follow the successor forward or backward.

Parent tasks may only have unlocked predecessor links so if you need a locked link in that case, use a locked link to the first child of the parent rather than to the parent itself.

Is SG Sync available for SG Project for Windows?

Yes, SG Sync was not included in the intial version of SG Project for Windows, but it is included in the latest app: SG Project 5, and allows you to sync project data between all your devices using your or Dropbox account.

What is the best way to back up my projects?

SG Project stores your projects locally in a database. It does not store data in the cloud or on any other device or server. Any typical full backup of your computer or device should back up the database. If you want to take extra precautions with projects, you can Export or Share/Email the project to yourself in SGP format. If you ever need to recover, you can re-import the SGP file. Another way is to use SG Sync, which copies all of your projects to your or Dropbox folders in the cloud.

Is there a free trial period?

Not at this time but we may add that in the future.

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