SG Project Go & Go Pro (iPhone) FAQ

How does SG Project Go 5 compare to the other Simple Genius apps?

SG Project Go is designed for the iPhone. The other SG apps are designed for iPad and Mac. In terms of features, SG Project Go is nearly identical to SG Project for iPad. SG Project Go is an ideal complement to SG Project for iPad and Mac. While it is a powerful solo app for project managers, its ability to exchange data with SG Project means that iPad and Mac users can have access to project plans any time, even when all they are holding is an iPhone.

How about SG Project Go Pro 5 - how does that compare to the iPad version?

SG Project Go Pro is designed for the iPhone and in terms of features, SG Project Go Pro is nearly identical to SG Project Pro for iPad. SG Project Go Pro is the ideal complement to SG Project Pro for iPad and Mac. SG Project Go Pro 5 is the most advanced, powerful project management app ever built for iPhone.

Are SG Project Go 5 and SG Project Go Pro 5 only available on iPhone?

Yes, but the Simple Genius Apps suite includes apps for other devices. The apps “SG Project 5” and “SG Project Pro 5” are available for iPad and Mac, and closely match the features of SG Project Go and Go Pro.

Can these iPhone versions share data with SG Project Pro on iPad?

Yes, the best format for sharing data between these two apps is SGP. And the easiest way to share the data is by using the or Dropbox integration. You can easily save a project in SGP to Dropbox from one device, and download and open it on the other. Sharing data in SGP format ensures that you won’t lose any data when moving between the apps.

Will SG Project Go 5 or Go Pro 5 work on iOS 11?

Yes, both will run on any modern iPhone with iOS 10 or iOS 11.

I can’t seem to adjust tasks by dragging them on the chart view, why?

SG uses a lock button to prevent inadvertent changes to the schedule, for example if you bump your screen while viewing the chart view. Tap the lock icon in the upper right corner of the screen to unlock the screen. At that point you can tap and drag tasks horizontally on the chart. If a task will not change at that point, it is probably because it has some dependencies that prevent it from moving, or you are trying to move it to some non-work time such as a weekend.

Can I change the order of the tasks?

Yes, tap the word “Reorder” near the top of the screen. Use the icons that appear along the right side to re-order the list. When you are finished, tap “Done Reordering".

My team has some holidays, can I mark those as non-work days?

SG Project Go lets you apply one of 3 specific built-in work schedules to your projects, and those do not have any Holidays specified.  So there is no way to specify Holidays directly in SG Project Go. However SG Project Go Pro does allow you to create custom work schedules that include Holidays.

Why doesn’t SG Project Go have the features of other “to-do list” apps?

It is important to understand that SG Project Go is not a to-do list app. It can be used for that purpose but was designed for managing projects that have tasks, dependencies, and typically multiple team members contributing work to the project.

Can I specify a different currency to use for the task costs?

Yes, the currency and date formatting for a each project are controlled by the Locale selection for each project.

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