SG Project Pro Philosophy

"There are many types of projects, project managers, apps, and services. Every app or service views project management through a different lens, so there is no one best solution for everyone. I want you to choose your tools wisely, so here are some key elements of the philosophy behind SG, to help you understand if SG matches what you are looking for. 

+Ty Jacobs (designer of SG Project Pro)

Most Project Managers don’t have formal training

The Project Manager has the hardest job on a project. It is an art and a science. But most people who find themselves in the role of managing a project do not have a degree in the craft, or a PMP certification. They just need to get a project done. And once a project is too large to manage with a simple to-do list, they look for a better tool. They don’t have time to learn, they must DO.

We assume you are smart or you would not be in charge of a project. But you may not have training or experience so we built SG to be easy for you to pick up and use. To get real value, quickly. It does take time to build and maintain a plan, and you should invest that time if you want your project to succeed. But it should not take any longer than necessary. SG is designed for that, and if you need help we will respond quickly.

Solutions like Microsoft Project and Primavera are often too heavy

These large solutions have set a standard for years in terms of functionality. If you work for General Electric you probably use one of them. However they are too expensive for most project managers, have a long learning curve, and have many features that you probably don’t need. Plus they won’t run on your Mac or iPad. So we made SG more affordable, with the Task Planning features that most PM’s need, and added practical features like Action Item and Issue management, which are a part of any project. Then we added beautiful, customizable reporting to keep your team and stakeholders up to date easily - you email PDF reports right from the app.

SG emphasizes the practical over the academic

Frankly, if you know what earned value, planned value, and CPM analysis are and you can’t live without them, SG may not be technical or academic enough for you. If you don’t know what those terms mean or you can live without them, then welcome aboard. SG supports planning and executing a project, and keeping everyone up to date and on the same page, but does not emphasize metrics.

Project Management is more than a Task Plan

Most project management tools support creating a task plan and show that as a pretty gantt chart. A gantt chart is a great tool but it is not enough to manage a whole project. There are Issues, Risks, and Action Items that don’t fit into the core Task Plan. Every project manager reaches for Excel or some other tool to manage “the rest of the stuff”. So we built more features into SG Project Pro. With a single report from SG you can communicate so much more than the status of tasks.

Managing your team is equally critical

You will find that in SG Project Pro people are treated just as important as projects. To keep a project moving forward we know you will need to focus on certain people or teams from time to time. To know why they are behind, or when you need them to start or finish. So we built in tools to help you look at your projects by person. Many other apps do this in a confusing way, but SG makes it natural and intuitive. It was a goal from the start. In fact the yin-yang in the center of the SG logo represents this co-management of people and projects.

Reporting status is a primary function

In SG Project Pro you will quickly notice that reporting is not an afterthought. It shares center stage with Projects and People. We know that most projects have a team, and stakeholders (like your boss or your client). SG makes it quick and easy to keep those people informed as the project is planned and executed. You can quickly configure custom reports and email them in PDF right from the app.

The Project Manager should own the plan

This is important. SG Project Pro does not have a strong collaboration component. If collaboration is a critical feature for you, there may be a better solution for you like a web-based solution. The SG philosophy is that there should be a Project Manager, and that person should be aware of every update to the plan as the project is executed. This gets back to the “art and science” concept. We believe that if you have 10 people updating the status of a project, the result is zero people who know the true status and implications of the updates. SG believes in accountability and ultimately the PM is accountable for the success of the project. The best way to know what changes are happening is to make them yourself. SG Sync does allow for multiple people to share and make updates to projects, but dynamic collaboration in terms of updating a single shared plan is not a design emphasis for SG.

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