How to choose between Apps

SG offers a variety of apps to help with your management needs. We view them as tools for your management toolbox. The Bundle options allow you to fill your toolbox on Mac or iPad with one purchase, and at a discount.

Note that Mac and iPad apps are separate purchases, as with all apps for Apple products, and the iPad and iPhone apps are separate purchases, to give you the most options and value.

This Matrix will help you compare SG apps.

How to choose between Stores

The SG apps for Mac are available from two online storefronts, to give you the most options. In all cases the prices are set the same in US Dollars. If the price varies between the stores in your region of the world, it is due to different currency conversion rates.

We think you know all the great reasons to purchase apps from the Mac App Store! The only drawbacks are that there are no free trials, no app bundle options for Mac, and updates can take a bit longer to get to you because of Apple’s app approval process.

The SG App Store is an alternative to the Mac App Store. Advantages are that you can try an app for free and purchase later, you can purchase a bundle of SG Mac Apps at a discount, and we can get you updates more quickly, which is helpful in support situations when you need a quick fix. The SG App Store is easy, fast, and secure.

This link indicates that a free trial is available on the SG App Store. You receive an email with a link to download the app, which will be active for 30 days. If at any point you decide to purchase a license, just return to the Store and use the blue “Buy Now” link.

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